2018 Toyota Avalon


I’ll keep this little review short and sweet. The new 2018 Toyota Avalon had great comfort, quality and impressive fuel economy. We drove all around and had a little mini getaway a couple of weeks ago in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, and the fuel mileage was great.

The kids loved that they had enough leg room to stretch out in the back seat. This has now become one of my favorite sedans. It also had great speed and performance on all those windy mountain roads. A pleasantly surprising feature was the automatic high beams that came in handy on dark roads.

I think this is the perfect car for parents with grown kids or even a family just starting out. Also there are an abundance of airbags, five-star crash-test ratings, and advanced active safety tech. Which to me is super important when traveling with a family. Visit https://www.toyota.com for more information.



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