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I  am excited to partner up with Floor & Decor for this post. The opinions and review are my own.


Last year we moved into a new home and it was a fixer upper. We were excited to redo certain things, and one of them was the flooring. You’re probably thinking why is she doing a post about flooring on a food blog?  Well I love to entertain and I’m a total homebody, so it was a fun project. The floors around the house weren’t in bad condition after removing the carpet, but they were certainly outdated. When I got this opportunity to partner up with Floor & Decor my husband and I were ecstatic.


We headed over to their location in Langhorne, PA. The staff was super friendly, helping us with coloring and textures, and explaining the pros and cons on flooring; which to my surprise you don’t realize how many choices there are. I knew I wanted something modern and darker. We chose a darker wood and it was laminate flooring. We also picked up padding for the flooring which I didn’t even know that you needed. The flooring took a couple of days. But the end result was amazing. The house looked completely different. Even our two kids helped us install the flooring, which made for a fun time. There was a lot of measuring and placements but it was all worth it. This is the flooring model we picked out long plank marbaru 3 strip laminate and whisper pad underlayment 

For more information on Floor & Decor visit: https://www.flooranddecor.com

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  1. weebluemixer says:

    Its amazing the difference new flooring can make to the feel and atmosphere of your house. I love the darker wooden floors, looks really cosy with a rug as well. I have light flooring and it shows every speck of dirt and dust it drives me nuts.

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