Flourless Chocolate Cake with fillings


I know there are so many ways to make this delicious rich chocolate cake, but did you ever think of different fillings?  Well the idea came to me the other night.  Let me make flourless cake filled with raspberries, and another with peanut butter.  The combinations are outstanding each with a different taste.  The raspberries bring a juicy kind of covered chocolate fruit taste and the peanut butter reminds me of a candy bar.  This is great for those that are on the gluten-free diet or for those who want to try something different.  Great with a scoop of ice cream or with wine; or coffee.  Enjoy!!!


8 tablespoons of unsalted butter

5 eggs, room temperature

1 Cup of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 Tablespoon of Dark coco powder

3/4 cups of granulated sugar

Pinch of cream of tartar

Confectioners sugar, for dusting


Preheat over to 300 degrees, rack should be in the middle of the oven. Butter the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan, cut parchment paper to fit bottom of pan. Place on top of buttered pan. Set aside.

Take small pot with about 2 inches of water and heat on medium to low heat. Place heatproof bowl on top of pot. Add butter and chocolate chips in bowl.  Stirring until completely melted. Let cool slightly. Whisk in one egg yolk at a time continue to whisk.

In a large bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Slowly add granulated sugar, and continue beating until glossy stiff peaks form. Pour 1/2 of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture and gently fold; then add the rest folding slowly.

Pour mix into the springform pan, and smooth the top with a rubber spatula. Slowly add filling if desired. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes. Cake will start to pull away from the sides. Cool completely on counter; remove the sides of pan. Serve at room temperature, dusted with confectioners’ sugar with fruit or ice cream.

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  1. Very Good, this is my favorite, if you were single I marry you.

  2. Love this!! I’ve never made a flourless cake before, but this looks delicious 🙂

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