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Burger Brawl!!!

I think I need to go on a diet after Sunday’s Burger Brawl.  There were over 20 delicious burgers with their own unique twist.  Also offered were little yummy cocktails. The judges had a hard job to do.  I tried a lot of the burgers and I have to say the 2 of my favorites were the one with a fried egg and one with an english muffin.  I hope YOU can attend this event next year, just make sure to wear loose clothes.  Enjoy the photos.

People Choice goes to:

Lucky’s: A special meat blend, creamy peanut butter, thick-cut bacon with their homemade jelly on the side

Judge’s Winner:

Fat Jack’s winning entry: A thick juicy burger made with angus chuck brisket and ribeye, seasoned with a special blend of seasonings and topped with homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar jack cheese 18-hour hickory smoked texas beef brisket, Carolina pulled pork, sauteed onions, Kentucky slaw, Memphis dry rub and a dill pickle on top. They call it Fat Jack’s Ultimate Memphis Mauler Burger.

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