NYC Wine and Food Festival

Where do I even begin?  This event, as I’ve mentioned before in my posts, is to stop childhood hunger in America, and what an amazing job everyone did.  The celebrity chefs, the bartenders and cleaning crew were just a few of the amazing people there.  I was honored to attend Rocco DiSpirito’s Thrillist BBQ & The Blues at the Hudson Terrace.  The place has breath taking views of the Hudson Bay. 

But let’s get to all that amazing food.  There was such great brisket, pulled pork and even some oriental food to name a few.  It was all mouthwatering.  My favorite dish that stuck in my head from that event was a steak with a bbq sauce and some parmesan cheese grits from Wildwood Barbeque Chef Big Lou.  I went back for seconds. 

As I moved on downstairs to the first floor.  I found Mr. Rocco.  What a sweetheart of a guy.  He was working on dishing out his food and taking pictures, talking to his fans and reporters.  His PR people were super friendly.  People just couldn’t get enough of him and his yummy food.  One of the dishes that he served was a Salmon with some spice sauce on top.   It was very refreshing and had a great bite.  The jazzy/blues music was all around, people were really enjoying themselves and it was all for a good cause. 

That same night I was also attending at The Havard Club for Iron Chef Morimotos Rock & Roll (with Morimoto and karaoke.)  It was an  Asian-inspired, late night bash where some celebrity chefs braved the stage and did some karaoke.  It was seriously a lot of fun to watch them sing.  Afterwards they let the audience get up and sing some tunes too. 

The asian food was in full swing from sushi and sashimi to oysters.  The food was light and tempting.  Mr. Morimoto is a very cool guy with such great experience.  I guess I was so busy watching karaoke that I missed Mr. Guy Fieri who showed up to the event too.  But I did see Chef Robert Irvine again and his beautiful wife.  What a lovely couple.  The dishes were so creative and catching to the eye and I love that. 

All in all I think if you have never attended an event like this it’s worth a try.  Not just for the Celeb Chefs but for the food and for the cause.  So make sure to keep your eyes out for next year.  To find out more about ending Childhood hunger visit



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  1. Everything looks amazing! Was that ceviche in the martini glass?

    1. Yes it was actually a mini martini glass…it reminded me of the one I made on here. 🙂

  2. Jennifer M. says:

    Oh wow, I’m star-struck! You must still be on cloud 99…

  3. Missed it this year. Wanted to go to Morimoto’s so badly but just couldn’t make it! Hopefully, next year I will. Totally living vicariously through your recap.

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