Harvest Delish Pie

My husband did some pumpkin carving over the weekend with our kids.   We always roast our pumpkin seeds and this year we made two batches.  One was the typical salted seeds, but our new addition was to make some sweet ones with cinnamon and sugar.  It’s just another way to utilize the whole pumpkin without wasting some of its delishiness. 

Anyway so I was thinking of what I could make with the meat of the pumpkin.  I came up with pumpkin pie and pecans but then my husband gave me a great idea.  Why not add apples into the mix and make a harvest pie.  We had 3 of the best pies in one.  The turn out was unique but yet super delicious.  My husband actually took one to work and it was gone within 2 hours.  If you like all 3 of these pies you should incorporate them together or try it out with some other fall pies.  When this pie comes out of the oven all nice and hot, just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you will be in heaven.  Enjoy!


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  1. rumpydog says:

    That does sound so good! I love pumpkin. So do the dogs. This year I cooked the pumpkin in the crockpot on low. The skins were soft, so I gave them to Rumpy and DeDe as a treat. Mmmmmm……

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Such a wonderful idea and it looks amazing!

  3. Great idea! What were the approximate ratios, would you say?
    Also, were the apples you used more of a crisp, like Granny Smith, or more of a soft, like a Red Delicious?
    I cannot wait to try this out – oh YUM! =0)

    1. Hi there, sorry for just getting back to you. Computer/Wordpress issues. Anyway Im glad you like the idea and I hope you give me feedback on how you made out. I used about 4 Red Delicious apples I like their sweetness. But you can use any other apple.

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