Duel Piano Rock n Roll Bar

Last week I was invited to the Duel Rock N Roll Piano Bar launch of the renamed and revamped Jolly’s Piano Bar in Philadelphia.  The owners decided it was time for an update with some touch ups here and there, and the place is ready for some action.  If you don’t know what a dueling piano bar is, it is a classy place where 2 people play on 2 different pianos at the same time. 

The piano players that night, Joe and Tony, really know how to get the crowd involved with the their fun and playful way.  They play everything from the 60s to modern music, but aren’t limited to just those eras.  This is definitely the place to start for the night.  With a full service bar and friendly staff to some really yummy food.  The other thing I thought was really neat about this place other than the talent and music is they have a mirror where you can request something to write.  It starts at a dollar and then the next person pays an additional dollar to change the word or phrase.   Then the dueling pianists urge the entire bar to repeat what is up there.  This is a great place to propose in my opinion. 

If you live Philadelphia, PA or plan on visiting, this is definitely great place for a great time.  For more information visit http://duelpianobar.com.  I also wanted to thank Punch Media for the invite.  


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  1. LizForADay says:

    I love live music. It does not matter what they are playing I really enjoy it. 🙂

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