Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

This is something different I’m bringing to the table.  As you know I review wine and beer, But when I heard the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar had come out with a Rum I was interested in trying.  I was a HUGE fan of his Tequila Cabo Wabo.  I’m even more excited because I am getting to review this rum and it’s not even available in Pennsylvania until June.  I feel super honored and hope we can get this product all across the US so everyone has the opportunity to try this.  If you enjoy rum this is the one to try, and I’ll tell you why:  It starts with the cane.  Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is made from the finest sugar cane grown in the best cane growing region in the world – Hawaii.  Pure first-growth and first-press sugar cane from Hawaii produces the most flavorful juice possible.

They could have been like all the others, following the standard one year maturation period of cane used in other premium rums. But to make the finest premium rum possible, the cane in Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum matures for a full two years before it can meet the standards.  This gives the sugar from the cane its intense character and wonderful aroma.  After carefully selecting only the best crops, the canes are harvested and then gently pressed near their distillery.  This pressing extracts the first-press sugar cane juice. The cane juice is fermented for 5 days in custom-made vats to create “mash” with an incredible bouquet.

The master distiller oversees the full production process.  By hand-distilling the mash in small batches the product is purified while leaving the cane’s distinct character. The result is a pure premium rum with a delicately delicious flavor and a hint of tropical Hawaii.

This can be enjoyed with something as simple as a rum and coke or should you prefer mixed drinks, it enhances any cocktail – Mai Tai’s, Mojitos, Pina Cola’s, Maui Libera’s, etc.

As Sammy says in one of his songs “One sip and you’ll surrender.”  This is absolutely true.  When I received the bottle, the first thing I did was to try it by itself.  The smooth taste is very refreshing.  Many other rums have a strong bite and aftertaste that you wouldn’t brag about.  This rum however keeps the bite, but brings it about gradually.  As you swallow, your taste buds are still processing what just happened, and they are cooled the way a mint would leave your mouth feel.  (I can’t wait to try it in a mojito).  It was absolutely delicious.

Enjoy and I promise you will not be disappointed.  I will also be sharing some recipes of my own, using the Beach Bar Rum.

Check out Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum website for recipes and more info  also dont forget to get news and show info on


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