Lidia Bastianich Products

I’m super excited about this post.  I will be reviewing some of my ALL time favorite chef, Lidia Bastianich’s, products.  I will be sharing some recipes with everyone with her amazing sauces and pastas on some other future posts.  Lidia’s sauces aren’t your typical jarred sauces.  They are 100% All Natural, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No Additives or Fillers, and Made Only with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and FULL of flavor.  I have been given 3 to try out.  They are as follows:

Marinara – which is loaded with fresh Imported italian plum tomatoes and fresh vegetables.  It’s as light and refreshing as if it was straight from your own garden, with touches of Basil and Colavita Olive Oil.

Tuscan Arrabbiata – Loaded with fresh imported italian tomatoes and fresh vegetables.  This one brings out the zestyness of pepperoncini and even a hint of honey.  What a great touch.

Artichoke Marinara – Again loaded with the Fresh imported italian tomatoes and fresh vegetables.  This one brings the flavor of Artichokes and some hints of Mint.  That just marries so well in the sauce.

The following are the pastas I received as well:

Rigatoni, Linguine, and Spaghetti.  Lidia’s pasta is manufactured in Italy using only the finest Durum Wheat, milled in an award-winning facility.  It is then dried slowly to obtain the best quality and flavor.  Can’t wait to try these with the sauces and share my reviews.  Check out Lidia’s website at for some great products and recipes.   Along with all of her great cookbooks.

Tutti A Tavola A Mangiare!


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  1. michele says:

    Lidia’s cooking remind me of my grandma..I miss that taste.

    1. I agree Michele, such a great aroma and taste :).. Lidias products are truely on of the best especially the sauces

  2. Yvonne says:

    I loved her cooking show. Made me so jealous of her relatives!

  3. Helen says:

    Can’t seem to find the shelf life of these products any where! Your Marina sauce 12810LZ , Tomato Basil sauce IOJ10L2, spaghetti L320251 or fettuccine L2Z0248. I got a gift package some time ago and haven’t used it yet but am worried about the shelf life. I may have gotten this the fall of 2011. Need your advice in identifying the shelf life. HELP?! Helen

    1. I will email the rep I know at Lidias products and get back to you.

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