First Person Arts Festival


For this year’s festival, First Person Arts is thrilled to partner with The Free Library of Philadelphia for an evening of powerful stories and delicious food, hosted by Otis Gray of the podcast Hungry.

Hungry, if you aren’t familiar, is a podcast about food, the people who make it, and the power of what we eat in a polarized world. This is just ONE of the NINE shows taking place during the 2 week festival from November 4th-17th.


In this live show, Philly chefs turn storytellers – sharing their unique culinary delights and personal stories about coming here, coming out, coming through, and finding love for cooking late in life. While each journey is unique, one thing binds these storytellers – love of the culinary.


Come join host Otis Gray and chefs Eli Kulp, Abu “Taft” Pettiford, Laisa Donha, Mir Podheiser, and Neal Santos for a night of stories paired with five courses in Parkway Central’s beautiful Skyline Room! The event is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH from 7-9pm and includes live taping, and 5 course meal. For more information or for tickets visit


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