Kale Salad and Friends


Lately I have been obsessed with Kale.  I have made Kale chips, Kale smoothies and now my favorite Kale Salad.  I am seriously in love with Kale salad.  The one thing that I have learned on how to make a delicious kale salad is to massage the kale.  That makes it nice and tender. Kale can sometimes be a little bitter, but if you find the right patch it can be absolutely divine.  I also wanted this kale salad to have some friends; so I added a couple different things.  I hope you enjoy it, and by the way it was so good that my kids (3 and 4 yrs old) loved it. The benefits that you are getting out of this salad is outstanding.


1 Bunch of Kale (stalks removed)

Juice from a Lemon

½ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil

Salt and Black Peppercorn (to taste)

1 Avocado, diced

1 small red onion, diced (or half of a medium one)

1 Orange bell pepper (tip: when buying bell peppers, turn them upside down and if it has 3 bumps it means its nice and sweet which is great for eating it raw and 4 bumps is usually good for cooking with)

1 tomato, diced

Shaved almonds for topping


In a large bowl, add the kale, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Start to massage until the kale starts to soften and wilt, should take about 2 minutes or so. Afterwards add all of your diced veggies to the party, and if you would like to add protein to the mix go for it.  I added some little pieces of chicken breast. Topped with some shaved almonds.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. adrienne522 says:

    I love dark greens……..so good. Going to try this one!

  2. This looks delicious! Always looking for new kale recipes. Definately going to try it, thanks!

  3. They say if every woman ate a cup of onions and a cup of kale every day – ovarian cancer would plummet. 🙂

  4. Kale is awesome–we eat it at least two or three days a week. When we have to be out for dinner (Yes, I say “have to be” because no restaurant food tastes as good to me as mine) I am often tempted to ask them to scoop up the kale surrounding the salad bar or decorating the plate and cook it up for me!

  5. Nicole says:

    I had no idea that you could soften kale by mixing/massaging it in oil and spices! Thanks for the tip, now I don’t have to blanch it in boiling water 🙂

  6. I have never tastes Kale before but this looks like an easy way to start. Love the post.

  7. gfandme says:

    This salad looks great. Love kale and avocado!

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