Brazilian Style Flan (Pudim de leite condensado)

Being Brazilian, one of my favorite desserts is Pudim (Flan).  This isn’t your typical flan that you buy at the store or if you have had the Mexican version it doesn’t taste like that either.  Brazilian is a little more creamy with the great sweetness of Condensed Milk (which in Brazil we use alot of in our desserts). It’s one of the easiest desserts to make. All you need is condensed milk, eggs, and milk; and for the caramel all you need is sugar to turn.  Try it out, your tastebuds will thank you. 


13 thoughts on “Brazilian Style Flan (Pudim de leite condensado)

    1. Thats reallt cool. Didnt know that Vietnam had Flan. I guess every country has its own version. Actually in Brasil we love having the little tiny holes. My father would always say its brings out more of the flavor. Thanks for sharing 😉

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