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Arriba Noir Dark Chocolate

While I was at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, some things real stood out to me, and this booth was one of them.  Ramon was one of the gentleman at the Arriba Noir.  As I was walking by he offered me some dark chocolate (which by the way dark chocolate always goes great with wine), he began to tell me about how this chocolate was amazing.  In my head I was like ok ok anybody will say that about their brand right?  Well I have tried a lot of dark chocolates and this by far had the best flavoring.   For a 75% cacao dark chocolate it wasn’t that bitter, it was smooth and velvety.   So of course being a cook, my mind started to think of all the amazing things you could make with this dark chocolate.   I went home and made some fudge with this chocolate.  I added some milk and began to melt the chocolate.  The smell was divine and the taste was even better as I dipped fresh strawberries into it. 

The benefit of dark chocolate is great and as we know there are so many to choose from.  I think I know where I’m ordering my chocolate from now on.  To find out more about Arriba Noir Dark Chocolate and for great deals visit them at http://www.arribanoir.com.   These people know what they are doing when it comes to this and they have a true passion about it providing you as the consumer with the best. 


9 thoughts on “Arriba Noir Dark Chocolate

  1. Don’t worry, I am in the no carb diet and this chocolate is the only one I can actually have (low in carbs) and delicious with peanut butter (which I can also have in my no carb diet). Love it! Plus, my mom is diabetic and she loves this chocolate. which also provides her with Antioxidants and Vitamin B12 (+ other benefits).

  2. This chocolate was amazing. I’m not a dark chocolate fan at all but found that this chocolate did not have the bitter bite that dark can be known for. It was delicious and subtley changed the taste of the wine I had in my hand.

  3. Visited the shop where these chocolate delicacies are made….what a neat place. Fantastic delights. I’m a lifelong customer now!!

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