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The 10! show Round 1

Here is the 1st round of The 10! shows Local Top TV Chef competition that I am part of check it out.  I had a lot of fun the 1st day a lot of nerves were flying high but the excitement is unexplainable.  Check out on May 23rd for the 2nd round to see if I make it. 



6 thoughts on “The 10! show Round 1

  1. Oh. Wait. Wait just a minute. I soooo wasn’t paying attention on your first post about this. CONGRATS! Woo hoo! Way to go! And, now you’re final four… swoosh! Can’t wait to see the outcome. Good luck! :>

  2. So Proud!! Keep it up!! You might have noticed I haven’t been blogging lately. I’m taking my site to another level and transferring it to my professional site. But there is so much to be done. I’ll be back.. You’re doing great and I’ll try the apricot chicken (you did put it in the blog right??).

    Good Luck!!


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