Brazilian Stroganoff

In the United States we make Beef Stroganoff with a brown sauce and eat it with noodles.  In Brazil we make it with a pinkish sauce (Brazilian-style table cream sold in the U.S. under the Nestlé brand.  You can also use crème fraîche Or, in desperation, use good old heavy cream and Ketchup) You can use Chicken, Beef or Shrimp, with onions, mushrooms and spanish olives on a bed of whole grain or white rice.  Then top it with Potato Sticks.  My family has been doing this recipe for ages.  It’s popular in Brazil, and was always a favorite dish of mine growing up.  My family would always make a Brazilian potato salad which I will be making soon to share with you all.


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  1. Looks like the sort of great comfort food my nana used to make!

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