Mama-Mia Thats Manicotti

One of the popular Italian dishes I made tonight was stuffed Manicotti.  It’s easy to make, and with Manicotti, just like stuffed shells, you can create your own unique filling; or go with the traditional ricotta and parsely.

Have you created a unique filling for Manicotti or Stuffed Shells?


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  1. chefeye says:

    hmm not made manicotti, is it like cannelloni?

    1. Cannelloni is a sweet dessert made with a hard shell. Manicotti is a pasta its shaped like a cannelloi bu its not sweet and its filled with Ricotta and parsley (Traditionally) should try it sometime you will probably like it.

      1. chefeye says:

        I’ve been cooking cannelloni as a Chef for more than 15 years as a savoury dish, would like to try a dessert version though, thanks for the idea!

  2. trixfred30 says:

    My question too. If it is we do ricotta and spinach (even my fussy eater goes for that)

  3. ChrystinaNoel says:

    I literally did that this weekend for the first time! I plan on doing a few blog posts about it – because it was a long enough process that I can get at LEAST 3 posts out of it. I kept saying throughout the process, “I’m not Italian enough for this” – – only 88% (ha). Definitely the first time was a good amount of work, but I’d absolutely do it again. My favorite part? My mother telling me that the way that I knew if they were done was to stick my finger in the side and if it burned that meant it was done. (I love my mother.)

  4. jessa says:

    Man, I love manicotti!

  5. Have you ever tried roasted butternut squash, sage and brown butter as a filling? Delicious. If you have time and patience manicotti (or cannelloni, essentially the same thing but cannelloni tend to be bigger) making them with crepes is also great – and, if you are entertaining, it makes you look like such a star! It’s a bit time consuming but so easy. It’s 9 am and your blog is making me hungry….

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