Mama-Mia Thats Manicotti

One of the popular Italian dishes I made tonight was stuffed Manicotti.  It’s easy to make, and with Manicotti, just like stuffed shells, you can create your own unique filling; or go with the traditional ricotta and parsely.

Have you created a unique filling for Manicotti or Stuffed Shells?


7 thoughts on “Mama-Mia Thats Manicotti

    1. Cannelloni is a sweet dessert made with a hard shell. Manicotti is a pasta its shaped like a cannelloi bu its not sweet and its filled with Ricotta and parsley (Traditionally) should try it sometime you will probably like it.

  1. I literally did that this weekend for the first time! I plan on doing a few blog posts about it – because it was a long enough process that I can get at LEAST 3 posts out of it. I kept saying throughout the process, “I’m not Italian enough for this” – – only 88% (ha). Definitely the first time was a good amount of work, but I’d absolutely do it again. My favorite part? My mother telling me that the way that I knew if they were done was to stick my finger in the side and if it burned that meant it was done. (I love my mother.)

  2. Have you ever tried roasted butternut squash, sage and brown butter as a filling? Delicious. If you have time and patience manicotti (or cannelloni, essentially the same thing but cannelloni tend to be bigger) making them with crepes is also great – and, if you are entertaining, it makes you look like such a star! It’s a bit time consuming but so easy. It’s 9 am and your blog is making me hungry….

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