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Philly Philly!!

So my hometown Philadelphia, PA is known for being the originating city of Cheesesteaks, Pretzels, Hoagies, Tastykakes, and Cream Cheese.  These are just some of the most famous foods in Philadelphia that tourists MUST try when they come here.

What’s famous in your hometown that is difficult to find anywhere else?


21 thoughts on “Philly Philly!!

  1. Varsity hotdogs from the world’s largest drive-in. It’s here in Atlanta, Georgia. You can put the dogs on a plane and fly them to other cities but it’s not the same as sitting at the Varsity chowing down on a dog, onion rings and a Frosted Orange

  2. Well, the foods I remember seem a little disgusting now – I grew up in Central PA, Amish Country. We used to eat scrapple, Amish donuts, and ham salad. Although I have to admit I would still eat two out of the three!

  3. Oh, now I really feel homesick! I’m from the Norristown area and used to frequent a place called ‘Pudge’s’….best cheesesteaks in town! British food is OK, but I do miss proper hoagies, sausage, soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, scrapple, Tastykakes, etc. I can get Philadelphia cream cheese over here though.

  4. Thanks for following my blog! Yours looks great. I am going to start following it now. My hometown is Fairhope, AL, but I generally claim all of the Gulf Coast. We have the BEST fresh shrimp. I still live near the coast in FL, but I just can’t get the same fresh shrimp here, weird huh?

  5. Love your blog and Ive added you to my blog roll, could you help me out and do that same? x

    Every time I see those blueberry muffins (a few posts ago i know) I have the biggest urge for cake, its terrible!

  6. Pat’s Philly Cheesesteak’s – MMmm!

    Memphis is known for really one thing; Barbecue. But we do it well.

    Of course, if you come in, you might as well go to Gus’ fried chicken.

    And don’t forget Bosco’s beer, brewed in Midtown Memphis. Best in town.

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