Roasted Veggie Soup

This time of year is great to invent some delicious soups.  Today in Philadelphia it was slightly chilly, and that just sets my mood for some homemade soup.  I remember growing up and having my dad make the best soups, full of veggies and heart healthy goodness.  When I went to the supermarket, I picked … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken and Veggies

I really enjoy a roasted chicken and veggies.  Last night I bought a small chicken seasoned with salt & pepper, and stuffed it with 2 full heads of garlic.  I brushed on a glaze made of melted butter, finely chopped rosemary, and lemon juice.  For the veggies I used parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, fennel and onions. … Continue reading


Well Thanksgiving has come and gone.  But all across the country people are still celebrating with family and friends.  Here are some of the dishes that were prepared at my house.  The famous poppop stuffing (my husbands granfather) this is by far the best stuffing made with different loafs of bread, stock,sausage and some other … Continue reading