Pork Chops with Blueberry Sauce

I had n extra pack of blueberries hanging around in the refrigerator, and I really wanted to make something other than dessert with them.  I knew the following night I had pork chops waiting to be used.  I figured these 2 could workout and be merry together.  The dish was light, and I laid the chops down … Continue reading

Gruyere Grits with Pork Chops

Grits in my opinion are over looked by a lot of people.  Its such a great ingredient to cook with and get creative.  The other night I decided to make some grits with Gruyere cheese topped with a nice golden pork chop and garnished with diced apples.  This combo I think has been one of … Continue reading

Milanese Pork Chops and Parsley Salad

All these great events that I have attended have been great and I feel so honored to have attended them.  But my love for cooking in my own kitchen will never fade; or just cooking in general.  Yesterday I decided to make something light and refreshing.  It was a little different salad to go along with some … Continue reading