BLPT Sandwich with Gorgonzala Cheese


If you love BLT’s you will love this little twist.  I present to you a BLPT, Bacon (turkey bacon in this case), Lettuce, Pear and Tomato.  I also decided to add some gorgonzola cheese.  I love cheese with fruit and even honey.  Okay so all you to do is pile it on and Toast it, grill it or even place it on a skillet. 


1 Pear, sliced

1 Tomato, sliced

Lettuce, leaf broken in half

Rye Bread, 2 Slices

Butter, spread on bread (optional)

1/4 cup of gorgonzola cheese per sandwich (you can add less or more)

Turkey Bacon ( or vegan and real bacon)


Spread some butter on rye bread and pile all your ingredients on. Place on Grill, Skillet or Toast to get a nice golden crispy color.  Cut and enjoy with some Sweet Potato Chips.






Apple Pastry


This little idea popped into my head tonight.  I didn’t have to time to make an apple pie for dessert; so I thought to myself what else could be an easy little fix.  Well I decided to take some frozen pastry dough, granny smith apples, egg (for eggwash), sugar, cinnamon and water.  After it was all done is when I used a fig preserve to top it off.  The combo was divine and done in 20 minutes, and the flakyness of the pastry was so crisp.  You can pretty much add any toppings to something like this, from peaches to pears or different perserves.  The only thing I kicked myself in the butt for missing was a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!