Red Lentil Pasta Salad

Memorial Day is just a couple of weeks away, which means BBQ season is in full swing.  One of the most popular sides at a BBQ are those delicious pasta salads.  The ideas of what to create for a pasta salad are endless.  I personally love adding fresh herbs to mine.  It makes for added freshness and taste.  To … Continue reading

Zucchini ribbons with Aglio e Olio

We are big fans of pasta in our house. But summer months sometimes makes it hard to have heavy pasta. One of the easiest veggies I found to substitute pasta is zucchini. To prepare this I use a mandoline which makes those beautiful strips for you. My kids absolutely love this dish. Great to serve … Continue reading

Pasta Frittata

Do you have leftover pasta and don’t know what to do with it? This recipe is perfect for that extra pasta you have in the refrigerator.  Making this dish is super easy and doesn’t make too much of a mess. You can pretty much put anything in a pasta frittata; herbs, veggies and more.  This is also … Continue reading

Homemade Butternut Squash Gnocchi

I grew up in a household where everything was pretty much made from scratch. My father was a professional baker; so I learned so much from him.  My grandmother was another one who taught me a couple of things in the kitchen.  One of the things I will never forget is how to make homemade … Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

As the Superbowl approaches us this weekend, there are lots of parties going on.  If you’re hosting one, I’ll bet your thinking of what to make.  Well I hope this dish helps you out.  I took the famous Buffalo Chicken wing recipe and turned it into a meal, that’s super easy and fast to make. Ingredients: 6 … Continue reading

Macaroni and Cheese with Special Features

Macaroni and Cheese was always a favorite of mine growing up.  Especially when my dad would make it from scratch. My kids love mac & cheese too, But I want them to get some nutrition out of it instead of  just cheese and pasta. ( I mean there is nothing wrong with just cheese and pasta). I am very … Continue reading

Lidia Bastianich Products

I’m super excited about this post.  I will be reviewing some of my ALL time favorite chef, Lidia Bastianich’s, products.  I will be sharing some recipes with everyone with her amazing sauces and pastas on some other future posts.  Lidia’s sauces aren’t your typical jarred sauces.  They are 100% All Natural, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No Additives … Continue reading