Steak & Gnocchi Dinner

I know steak isn’t good for you to eat all the time, but I do have to say I am a fan of a good steak especially if its done just right.  One thing people should know when preparing a steak is to let it get to room temp before cooking it.  If not you will get a … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken and Veggies

I really enjoy a roasted chicken and veggies.  Last night I bought a small chicken seasoned with salt & pepper, and stuffed it with 2 full heads of garlic.  I brushed on a glaze made of melted butter, finely chopped rosemary, and lemon juice.  For the veggies I used parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, fennel and onions. … Continue reading

Poached Eggs

I havent poached eggs in so long.  My mom use to make them for me as is, or she would add it to soup.  I forgot how tasty they really are.  My little ones loved them so much they had seconds.  I wanted to make something for lunch that was different and since it was still early … Continue reading

Farro and Salmon Meet

Here is another product that I received the pleasure in trying with Indian Harvest.  They are a company with exotic grains, rice blends and legumes.  Located in Bemidji, Minnesota, they are in prime wild rice country.  Also Indian Harvest has become one of the country’s premier provider of these different blends and also have gained a very loyal … Continue reading