Black Beans, Hummus and Spinach Wrap

  I wanted to share with you all something super easy and fast. I really think this is great for lunch and even dinner.  I took a Multi Grain wrap with flaxseed, added some spicy hummus, spinach and some black beans (In my black beans I like to add some chopped onions, garlic powder and cayenne pepper).  … Continue reading

Steak & Gnocchi Dinner

I know steak isn’t good for you to eat all the time, but I do have to say I am a fan of a good steak especially if its done just right.  One thing people should know when preparing a steak is to let it get to room temp before cooking it.  If not you will get a … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken and Veggies

I really enjoy a roasted chicken and veggies.  Last night I bought a small chicken seasoned with salt & pepper, and stuffed it with 2 full heads of garlic.  I brushed on a glaze made of melted butter, finely chopped rosemary, and lemon juice.  For the veggies I used parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, fennel and onions. … Continue reading