Apple Tart Tatin

Apples are one of Autumn’s staple fruits.  It’s used in so many recipes throughout the holidays.  This recipe will satisfy that sweet tooth.  Instead of making an apple pie, try making an apple tart tatin.  As soon as it comes out of the oven, slice it up, and scoop some vanilla ice cream to serve.  This will make everyone happy.  … Continue reading

Fennel and potato gratin

Most people know about a traditional potato au gratin dish, but I wanted to give this classic a twist and add some fennel.  The results were delicious. If you’re planning on bringing a side dish to a party or just making it for a weeknight meal. Enjoy! Ingredients: 2 large potatoes sliced into 1/4 inch … Continue reading

Shrimp and Grits topped with bacon

Happy Holidays!!! I hope you are all having a great holiday season with family and friends.  I wanted to share with you a couple of dishes I prepared on Christmas eve.  Last year in our house we started to make the 7 fishes. Since my husband and I come from Italian descents, we wanted to … Continue reading

Ham, Cheese and Spinach Croquettes

December is all about parties with family and friends, and these little guys will have your friends talking at your next party. In Brazil we make these with ground meat. I have had a ham and cheese croquette before too.  I went ahead and gave these a whirl with my own little twist of using … Continue reading

Gnudi Delights

This is the perfect starter to a dinner party.  With the holidays upon us we all need ideas on what to serve to keep our guests satisfied until dinner.  Gnudi is perfect with a great tomato sauce or with this recipe where I made an earthy mushroom sauce.  You may also enjoy this as your … Continue reading

“Pass the Prosciutto- Scallops on Endive”

SPONSORED POST In our house we are big fans of Prosciutto.  I love-making different things with prosciutto for appetizers around the holidays. I figured I could bring you something gluten free.  This little treat is full of flavor, and it will keep your guests wanting more.  Prosciutto di Parma is celebrating its 50th anniversary so I think they … Continue reading