Green overnight oats

You’re probably thinking this is another overnight oats recipe, but don’t judge too soon. It’s so nutritious that your body will thank you. I know having greens in the morning may make some of you turn green, but after you try this I promise you that you will want more greens for breakfast. Enjoy! Ingredients: … Continue reading

Lizzy Jays Juice

As some of you may know, I love to try different cleanses and juices. I love to make my own as well. This time I got to try Lizzy Jays juice. I was super excited to see what blends they had. I have to say these juices are super refreshing and the smoothie for night … Continue reading

Pressed Juicery Cleanse

Cleanses are a great way to detox your body, giving you a fresh start.  I try to do 2 cleanses a year, but I only do a 3 day cleanse just to give me that motivation to get back on track with clean eating.  I was excited to be able to review Pressed Juicery. Their mission … Continue reading

Pangaea Earth Food Juices

Today I wanted to share with you something new I am trying.  I have mentioned before that I don’t write posts on things I don’t have respect or passion for.  I had a friend that tried the Pangaea juice cleanse and he was loving it.  He looked amazing and felt great.   I gave it about … Continue reading