Quick & Easy Cheeseboard

I have done different cheeseboards on here but I figured I would share another one.  As I mentioned on a prior post, I partnered up with Giant Foods to come up with some easy ideas to entertain this holiday season and a cheeseboard is at the top of my list. Giant has an array of different … Continue reading

Kerrygold Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese to me is a staple of comfort food. I haven’t made homemade mac and cheese in a while, so I wanted to give it a try with one of my favorite brands of cheese and butter Kerrygold. I used Kerrygold aged cheddar and creamy dubliner cheese wedges. For the base of the … Continue reading

Dates and Kerrygold cheese salad

Sponsored Post I think salads are fun to create. The toppings and dressing are endless possibilities. My new found interest has been roasting dates or figs.  They just compliment a salad so well; especially if you’re adding delicious Kerrygold cheese. I also went ahead and made homemade croutons using Kerrygold butter, giving the croutons that … Continue reading

Kerrygold Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is such a classic sandwich.  Many people have created different versions using different cheeses and breads.  I don’t think I have ever met someone who didn’t like a good homemade grilled cheese.  It reminds me of childhood and enjoying it with a cup of tomato soup for dipping. A good cheese and bread … Continue reading

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese Boxy

Even though St. Patrick’s day is over it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a delicious little Irish treat.  I was doing some research on traditional Irish dishes, and Boxy seemed like it would work for this post.  I partnered up with Kerrygold cheese to make this recipe.  A traditional Boxy is just potato based, but … Continue reading

Kerrygold Skellig Cheddar and Chive Scones

Who doesn’t love a scone? You can pretty much get them in any flavor and get super creative when making them. My mother in law is a scone aficionado (if there is such a thing, haha) so she is usually my taste tester when it comes to making the perfect scone. If she says they are good … Continue reading

Zucchini Quiche

Yes I said Quiche! I love making Quiche.  It’s one of those things that you can put any kind of filling in and it just works.  Since today is Monday I figured I would keep it meatless.  I know alot of Quiches are made with a pastry crust but I figured I could cut that out and make … Continue reading

Homemade Farmer’s Cheese

Not sure about you, but I am a LOVER of cheese.  Today I wanted to create something different in my kitchen so I decided to make some homemade farmer’s cheese.  I can’t believe how easy and how delicious it is to make right in the comfort of you own home.  After it’s all done you can … Continue reading

BLPT Sandwich with Gorgonzala Cheese

If you love BLT’s you will love this little twist.  I present to you a BLPT, Bacon (turkey bacon in this case), Lettuce, Pear and Tomato.  I also decided to add some gorgonzola cheese.  I love cheese with fruit and even honey.  Okay so all you to do is pile it on and Toast it, grill … Continue reading

Beer Cheddar Biscuits

mmmm I love me some biscuits.  Growing up with my father being a baker I think I just love bread in general.  I love the smell of dough and the aroma it leaves when baking.  This little biscuit is great for all your comfort food pairing this winter.  Enjoy with some chili or roasted chicken with gravy. … Continue reading