Featured on Today food club

I wanted to share this exciting news with all of you. My asparagus crostini has been featured on the Today Show Food club website http://community.today.com/foodclub  I would love if you guys could head over and VOTE for my recipe.  Just takes one click. Thank you again to all of you for the continued support. NOTE FROM The … Continue reading

Asparagus crostini fun

Asparagus is in season so it’s time to breakout those delicious recipes. I’m always looking for different ideas to entertain family and friends. This asparagus pesto is great for crostinis, where the toppings can be endless. Leftovers of the pesto were used to toss with pasta. This recipe will be sure to please all those … Continue reading

Ribbon Asparagus Salad

Seems like everyone is still on the kick on eating healthy this year. I have been trying to add more raw veggies into my diet. This asparagus salad has become a favorite in my house. Not only does it look beautiful, but it tastes amazing and refreshing. The salad goes great with a side of … Continue reading

Roasted Veggie Soup

This time of year is great to invent some delicious soups.  Today in Philadelphia it was slightly chilly, and that just sets my mood for some homemade soup.  I remember growing up and having my dad make the best soups, full of veggies and heart healthy goodness.  When I went to the supermarket, I picked … Continue reading

My 5 Fishes

I love the Italian tradition of the 7 fishes and I know some people in my family will create a 7 fishes dinner around the holidays.   In Brazil we usually celebrate Christmas eve with our families and friends, while Christmas day is usually celebrated with your immediate family.  This year I figured on just having a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Risotto and Stuffed Veal

I had my family over this past weekend and I decided to make a fall themed dinner. I made some pumpkin risotto and veal stuffed with pancetta and gorgonzola cheese with some sautéed garlic asparagus.  This risotto was filled with flavors of pumpkin.  I know it sounds weird but it’s totally worth trying out especially this time of year.  As … Continue reading

Chicken Walnut Pesto

For my main dish tonight I made some parmesan breaded chicken, with some fresh walnut pesto (I used my fresh basil from my garden).  I figured why not add a little nutty flavor to it.  To combine with this dish I sautéed some asparagus in a skillet, wrapped it with prosciutto and placed it on top … Continue reading