Photo By: Revati Doshi

From the time that I was in diapers, I’ve been in the kitchen.  I was tasting food, smelling it, and learning all about it.  My family had been teaching me as well as the various great cooks on television (great cooks like Rachael Ray,  Lidia Bastianich, and Jacques Pepin).  Now I feel confident enough to share with you some of my ideas.  If you have an idea you would like to share as well, please contact me, and I can post it up with credit to you of course.  🙂

Below is the link to my posts on food.  Let me know if you are interested in any of my recipes:


One thought on “Food!!

  1. Thank you for finding me and enjoying my blog. I too have learned to love to cook from my dad. I always tell people my mom taught me how to read and follow a recipe and my dad taught me how to cook.

    He is a messy fellow in the kitchen and these days due to his age he tends to burn a few things he still enjoys cooking.

    I hope you will find recipes and tips that will help you and please leave comments for me.
    I am enjoying looking through your posts, have a great day

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