So lets take a little minute here and talk about beer. I personally started drinking beer in my early 20’s, but back then I only drank light beer.  I didn’t know that there was so much variety of amazing beer.  As I got older I grew bored with the same old light beer.  My taste buds began to mature, and I acquired a taste for the endless possibilities of beer out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the occasional throwback to a more youthful time, but I prefer to try new and interesting brews from around the world.  I even got into brewing my own beer with my husband on occasion.  Now I would like to share my experiences with you.

Check out all of my reviews and thoughts on different beer in my beer category:


8 thoughts on “Beer!!

  1. Oh I so agree with you! I started drinking beer (starting with Corona) when I was travelling abroad often for work. I was a wine drinker (still am :-)) but in New Zealand we are so spoiled with beautiful wine and I found it hard to get amazing wine overseas when I didn’t know any of them. I got sick of ordering horrible glass after horrible glass and started forcing myself to drink beer instead (which I didn’t actually like at the time). Now, fastforward ten years I am a huge advocate for good craft beer and you can’t beat a good homebrew. Good on you! 🙂

  2. I love having a cold beer – but it took me years to get into it. It wasn’t until craft beers came into my life that I discovered how great they can be. My first experience were with the usual college draft beers – not my thing. But then…I found IPAs and Stouts and Seasonal brews. It’s 9:00am here and I’m craving a beer – great post!

  3. Love the beer section of your blog…we have so much in common 😉 What are you guys brewing right now?? Do you have a section about the beers you’ve brewed?

    1. I dont have a section on our own brew, we havent done that in over a year. My husband and I might start late this year again. I just love sharing with everyone all the different fantastic beer there is out there 🙂

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