2021 Yukon Denali

On the road again with the family. I never before felt so safe, comfortable and entertained in a SUV. I had the pleasure of taking the 2021 GMC Yukon Denali up to Lake Placid. This trip was about 6 hours from our home. The Denali has some very comfortable with features that could warm or cool focused areas of those seats and the steering wheel. Even the kids had these options in the back, which was nice. The amount of room in the car was great too; especially on a long trip when you want to stretch out. Both the kids had a 12.6-inch LCD touch screen mounted to the back of the seats in front of them. Passengers can enjoy the media or entertainment of their choosing by connecting their own compatible streaming device, game console, tablet or smartphone via USB or HDMI ports.

The high-resolution screens are within sight of third-row and can be tilted for better visibility. The screen sharing function allows rear-seat passengers to watch the same content at the same time. There’s also a customize option so passengers can watch/listen independently. Audio can be played through wireless headphones provided in both Yukon and Yukon XL. Passengers can also use their own Bluetooth®†-compatible headphones. Audio can even be played through the vehicle’s full stereo system.
And entertainment isn’t the only way the media system can be used. Rear-seat passengers can use it to submit navigation† requests to the central front infotainment screen. Now rear passengers can provide destination information or suggest a point of interest while drivers keep their eyes on the road.


Yukon is now available with the class-leading power sliding center console†. By pressing and holding down a switch, the console slides back up to 10 inches. When the vehicle is in valet mode, a drawer under the main console storage is rendered inaccessible. The sliding console not only provides enhanced flexibility for storing and securing contents, but also makes the back cupholders and rear console controls more accessible to passengers in the second row when it is slid backward. The class-leading available 15-inch diagonal multicolor Head-Up Display†, meanwhile, can help drivers keep their eyes on the road, projecting key vehicle information on the windshield like imbedded navigation, music, speed and more.
Whether its increased visibility or greater peace of mind, Next Generation Yukon has an array of available features to help drivers feel more confident for the road ahead.The available class-leading nine camera† views can help with the hassles that come from all kinds of driving situations, such as towing a boat or maneuvering into the last available space in a tight parking lot. Quickly accessed through the infotainment system screen, the available camera views are:

  • High Definition Surround Vision for a top-down bird’s-eye view of Yukon’s surroundings.

  • Rear Camera Mirror, which is a dual-function mirror that can be used as a conventional rear-view mirror or as a camera-based rear-view mirror to help drivers see around potential vision obstructions.

  • Standard Front Camera View shows front view with available guidelines to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.

  • Standard Rear Camera View displays rear view to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.

  • Front Top-Down View for a top-down view of the Yukon’s hood, bumper and front tires for tight maneuvers.

  • Rear Top-Down View shows the clearance between the Yukon and nearby objects.

  • Front Side View shows the position of the front tires when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.

  • Rear Side View shows the rear sides of the vehicle to help allow the driver to view objects near the vehicle.

  • Hitch View provides a close-up, guide-lined view of the receiver hitch for precise alignment for trailer connection.

The Air Ride Adaptive Suspension further complements Yukon Denali’s Magnetic Ride Control, which reads the road surface and then adjusts the suspension and damper settings in real time to give you an exceptionally smooth ride.

GMC went above and beyond with all the amazing features the Denali has. Not surprised that Yukon Denali was voted best resale value award from Kelley Blue Book. For more information on the Yukon Denali visit www.gmc.com


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