2019 Ford Edge


One of my favorite cars lately to test drive for a full experience has been from Ford. They really have stepped up their game when it comes to safety, comfort and style.


This is the 2019 Ford Edge.  In my opinion it’s the perfect size SUV for my family of 4. It’s very roomie, so my kids can have their space while on the road.

The seats give ample hip and lower back support. The front seats are powered with a lower lumbar support for the driver too. Heating and cooling elements keep you comfortable as well. Some other fun features include a voice-activated navigation system, active park assist, evasive steering assist as well as adaptive cruise control, a lane centering feature on the safety front, and panoramic sunroof. The radio has a 12-speaker sound system, along with a wireless charging station and rain-sensing wipers. That’s a plus in my book. The trunk size is perfect after a busy day of running errands.


Some safety that the Edge includes are blind-spot warning and parking sensors, a post-crash SOS system that automatically calls for help, and a 360-degree rear camera that aids parking in tight spaces. Gas mileage was good at 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway. Ford vehicles use a capless gas filler, which is great so you don’t have to worry about the cap being screwed on.

One of the features that I really enjoyed from Ford is the app for the phone. You can start the car from any location, track the car, unlock and lock. It gives you all the information about the car from oil change to tire pressure. You can also schedule the time you want the car to start. Visit http://www.ford.com for more information.

P.S. A video will be posted up soon.



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