Six Flags Great Adventure


Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world; with one of the largest roller coaster collections in the world.  It’s a place where Looney Tunes meet DC superheroes in a park filled with exhilarating rides.  If you’re a die-hard roller coaster enthusiast you will love six flags.  I love the fact that it does have a great selection of kiddie rides as well, but the rides are not all that it has to offer.   

My kids had such a great time but hands down their favorite parts were the animals.  We had the opportunity to have a private meet and greet with some adorable animals like Asian otters, sea lions (which were my favorite) and even got close to a male lion cub which was behind a cage, but we still got closer than you would in a zoo. 

Rocco the cub was abandon by his parents so the park took him in and cared for him.  After our meet and greets we went over to the safari ride.  I love that the park staff takes us through the safari giving us details on pretty much all the animals, on a mini tour around the world.  We even got to feed the giraffes, which is always an amazing experience.  

In the warmer months the waterpark opens, and at the holidays the fun doesn’t stop.  For more information visit

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