Pinot Boutique Soiree


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Soiree at  one of the hottest little shops here in Philly called Pinot Boutique.  If you’re a wine lover and love all things wine, this little shop has everything from wine tasting to attire. It’s a one stop shop. The owner of Pinot Boutique, Dan aka Dan the wine man, is super friendly and inviting whether its your first time doing a wine tasting or  if you want to discuss wines from around the world.  Pinot Boutique also offers classes and during the super they have a wine cruise which is such a good time. Something that I love the pinot has is the paint can filled with wine for purchase produced by Paradocx Vineyards. It’s about 4 bottles of wine in a can.  I think that is a perfect gift or great for parties. After a day of cruising in old city, Pinot Boutique would be a great way to end a beautiful fall afternoon.


Pinot Boutique has been open since 2006. Dan was inspired after a trip to California to bring something fun back to Philadelphia. We all know how great some of the California wines can be. Dan just didn’t want a wine tasting store he wanted people to be to come to a one stop shop. The only thing you cant purchase are the grapes. Below you will find a couple of videos on Pinot Botique.


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