Buick Regal GS and Lacrosse

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I had the pleasure of trying out these 2 great cars back in June and July.  When you think Buick you automatically think of grandma’s car. I have to tell you when I saw these cars for the first time I couldn’t even believe that these were Buicks.  The style and sexiness (yes I said sexiness) these cars bring is outstanding.  Now I’m no car specialist but I know a good car when I see one. 

First up lets talk about the Buick Regal GS its sporty look is a plus.  Giving you that fresh fast car look. It was such a fun car to drive.  The seats were very comfortable, it has an excellent AWD as well. I really think this car can stand up to its competitors with all is has to offer.

Safety is important especially for my little family. The Buick Regal GS offers Innovative, sensor-equipped safety features see where you can’t to help you steer clear of potential collisions and obstacles, and eight air bags come standard for even greater confidence. So you can navigate every twist, turn and passing lane with consummate peace of mind.

The Regal helps you better enjoy everything you love most. With a word, Buick IntelliLink connects you to preferred smartphone contacts, MP3s, destinations on file and more. Optional Bose speakers enhance listening pleasure. And passive entry unlocks your Regal without the need for a key — proof that instant gratification isn’t limited to the gas pedal. Who doesn’t love some awesome technology in a car.

All in all if you want a car with speed, great performance and good looking. 

Next lets talk about the big brother to the Regal GS the Lacrosse.  This classy car has a elegant interior giving you a smooth and quiet ride. Respectable fuel economy, which is a must now a days; available all-wheel drive; many available safety features and top crash test scores.

I was loving the Side Blind Zone Alert it helps you stay on course, while Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses radar to detect vehicles behind you. Take care of business without taking your eyes off the road with next-generation Buick IntelliLink infotainment.

My neighbor liked this car so much she went out and picked one up. Everyday now she is thanking me. 

Consumer reports just ranked the Regal one point behind BMW, tied with Mercedes and Audi, and ahead of Volvo.

Lacrosse was named 2014 consumer guide best buy in large car segment.

Both Lacrosse and Regal add in vehicle Wifi and OnStar 4GLTE for 2015. Talk about being connected.

Checkout more here for new models 2015 http://www.buick.com/


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  1. A lot of vehicles in the past thought as “Grandma” cars are super sporty these days! They do have a classy look! Cheryl.

  2. “That’s not a Buick!” 😉 My grandparents had a 70’s Sky Blue Buick Le Sabre. It almost became my first car, but thank goodness it didn’t!! Back when cars were metal!

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