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Dragon Fruit, Straberry Mojito

photo 1

Summertime is in full swing with pool parties and BBQs. This drink is one that is not super sweet, but instead refreshing. The sweetness is coming from the fruit itself; so there are no added sugar or sweeteners. When I came across the dragon fruit, I knew that I wanted to try it and as I was eating it I wanted to incorporate into a drink. I also came across a sparkling water from vintage that is a limited edition mojito flavor. The combinations worked. I hope you enjoy it.


1/2 of a Dragon Fruit, scoop out
4-5 strawberries
1 cup water
3-4 shots of Coconut rum
8 mint leaves, extra for garnish
Mojito sparkling water, topper
6 ice cubes


Take a blender add, dragon fruit,  strawberries, water and blend. Next take ice and rum and blend for another couple seconds.

Pour into serving glass. Pour a bit of mojito sparkling water and garnish

photo 2


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