Chima Brazilian Steakhouse


Last week I had the pleasure of heading to Chima steakhouse for the first time in Philadelphia.  I love going to Brazilian steakhouses.  They just take me back home to Brazil or to my childhood.  I still cook Brazilian food for my kids, but it’s nice to have the option to go out now and again.

Chima has a nice decor with a comfortable bar area and a big floor space for the restaurant part. The buffet is set in the middle of the restaurant, which makes it great for anywhere you are seated. The selection of food was outstanding.  The variety of salads at the buffet was immense.  I particularly loved the black beans (feijoada) which is a classic dish in Brazil.  The meat selection was quite impressive and they even added fish, which a lot of the smaller places don’t serve.

The drinks were very authentic, which if you haven’t tried a caipirinha it’s a must (passion fruit is my favorite). The dessert selection had the classic Brazilian favorites like pudim (flan) and passion fruit mousse. I really wish they would have more Brazilian desserts, but with all of the food choices, there is hardly room at the end.

All and all the restaurant is a must try on my list. The place is very clean and staff is very helpful; especially if it’s your first time attending a Brazilian steakhouse. Just remember to come hungry and eat slowly and enjoy.

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