An egg for every occasion



Here is a different kind of summer drink for you. It’s a made with egg whites.  Yes, egg whites.  One of the safest eggs I found to make delicious things like raw cookie dough and froth drinks like this is Safest Choice Eggs. I know you might be thinking about Salmonella bacteria.  Well when buying eggs to use in raw recipes I suggest first do your research and then buy pasteurized. The pasteurization process is designed to kill any bacteria in the egg. Only thing with using pasteurized eggs is that it loses some of its flavor. 

After having a couple different froth egg drinks out in different restaurants, I went ahead and decided to give this a try at home.  I hope you enjoy this delicious drink and have peace of mind in what you’re serving and drinking.  Make sure to check out Safest Choice Eggs or click on the banner.


1 Safest Choice Egg white

1/2 Shot Peach schnapps

1 Shot Coconut rum

1/4 Cup Lemon juice

1/4 Teaspoon Orange zest

1 Strip of Orange peel

Ice Cubes

Club Soda, topper


In a shaker add all the ingredients, except orange peel. Shake for 2 minutes. Take a martini glass and rub the orange peel inside the glass.  Pour drink into martini glass. Enjoy #SafestChoice and remember Pasteurized = Peace of Mind



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