Featured on David Venable QVC’s Site


I am super excited and honored to have been featured on David Venable’s site on QVC today.  You will find two of my grilled pizzas. The  1st is a Ricotta, Anchovies, Dates and Honey Pizza and the 2nd is Parmesan Cheese, Asparagus, Bacon and Fried Egg Pizza.  I hope you stop by and check it out.

Please visit http://community.qvc.com/blogs/kitchen-and-food-talk/topic/388564/ricotta-anchovies-dates-and-honey-pizza-parmesan-cheese-asparagus-bacon-and-fried-egg-pizza.aspx?cm_ven=EDIT&cm_cat=LINK&cm_pla=DAVIDGUESTBLOGGER&cm_ite=HOMEMADEDELISH


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  1. Alex Suarez says:

    Very cool. Congrats!

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