Basil and Mozzarella Burger


I really feel that summer is made for burgers.  Everyone loves a traditional burger, but why not spice it up and have some fun?  Your family and friends will be intrigued in what you can come up with.  I made 2 different burgers tonight for dinner on the grill.  I will post them individually.  I hope you enjoy them.  I personally think they would go great with a nice cold beer or cold sangria.


1lb of ground meat 

1/2 cup of basil, chopped

Salt and Pepper to taste

Steak or heirloom tomatoes, sliced (if you would like you can grill the tomato for a 1 minute or so)

Fresh mozzarella, sliced and diced

Balsamic Glaze

Whole Wheat Kaiser Rolls


Place ground meat in a large bowl.  Add basil, salt, pepper and mix everything together.  Try not to work the meat too much.  Using your hands cut down the ground meat making it into 4 parts.  Take 1 part at a time and make a hole in the meat and stuff it with the mozzarella and close it up.  Repeat until you have 4 burgers. Top with a little more pepper if you would like.

Make sure your grill is nice and hot.  Your charcoal should be grayish white.  If you are using a gas grill just make sure its hot and ready to go.  When cooking a burger on the grill you don’t want to keep flipping it.  One turn should be enough.  This should take about 4 to 5 minutes on each side depending on how you like your meat done. You can tell the burger is done on the first side when the fat slows in its dripping and the sides begin to brown.  Let meat rest before serving. 

While meat is resting place the rolls on the grill to get it toasted (About ten seconds per side).  When done place burger in roll top it with glaze and a slice of tomato.  Enjoy!!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds seriously delicious! There’s lovely weather over here in Italy at the moment and I’m in the process of cranking up my barbecue grill after a year of abandonment – this will be one of the first new recipes I try for sure! 🙂

    Amelia xx

  2. I tried making stuffed burgers last night and they totally fell apart 😦 . I think I need to pack them better. Yours look great!

  3. Erica says:

    I never thought to add basil to a burger – great idea Thanks!

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