Ron Ben Israel Interview


When I was invited to attend Let Them Eat Cake, I was informed that I would have a chance with a one on one interview with the master of cakes himself Mr. Ron Ben-Israel. Some of you may know him from Food Network’s Sweet Genius and some may know him for his wedding cake master pieces.  I was excited and a little nervous too.  But as soon as I walked in the door and met Ron, I felt like I knew him already.  He was seriously one of the most easy-going interviews I have ever had.  He is full of personality.  I could have chatted with him for hours.  But I kept short and sweet.  I wanted to ask him fun questions. 

I asked him what was one of the most interesting desserts he ever had? He replied “well I would have to say on the last Season of Sweet Genius one of the competitors asked for a smoker, and your thinking what is this person going to do? Well they ended up doing a cotton candy.”

Another question I asked was I know you love sweet and all, but what is one of your favorite meals or dishes?  He replied with “well living in New York, everyone expects you to go out and eat. But I really enjoy cooking at home and one of the things I love to eat is short ribs or things that just take a long time to cook, like meals in slow cookers.  I think it just fills the home with warmth.”

He enjoys having his friends over which he said are his adopted family, because his family is still back in Israel.

I also asked if he enjoyed Wine or Beer? He said He doesn’t drink alcohol, but rather prefers Sparkling waters or Tea. He usually enjoys a cup of coffee in the afternoon to keep him going as well.

We went back and forth a couple of times talking about family, friends, etc, which made this interview a little more personable.  I think if you’re planning a wedding or having a birthday and would love to have something out of this world beautiful and delicious, maybe you should stop at Ron Ben-Israels shop in New York City.  For more information or to see his masterpieces visit his site at 


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  1. Very cool. I love his cakes. Beautiful work.

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