Let Them Eat Cake


Lets just start by saying I am still on a sug sug sugar high…… 😉 .  Let Them Eat Cake was such a fantastic event.  I was honored to have been part of the media and VIP.  The VIP hour was terrific with great appetizers and dinner. Proceeds from that evening benefit cancer research, treatment and educational programs at the City of Hope.  So eating the sweets just made it that much better knowing it was for such a great cause.  More than 40 of the regions top pastry professionals and students competed for top honors at the Ninth Annual Let Eat Cake.  I swear some of these cakes looked fake.  There were so many amazing flavors going on.  Ones stood out more than others some had better creativity and others had better taste and of course then you got the whole package. Everyone did such an amazing job.  I bow down to some of these bakers. They are true artists in my book.  The judges had a great job in my opinion.  It was a blind judging lead by no other than the Sweet Genius himself Ron Ben Israel which I will have an interview after this post.I hope to see you there next year.

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