The Brewer’s Plate 2013


Fair Foods’ 9th Annual The Brewer’s Plate was this past Sunday and it was a lot of fun.  It was held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA which is great to visit if you’re in town.  Fair Foods is a supporter of local farmers and promoter of  local, sustainable and healthy and organic foods.  The list of participants is endless; it goes on and on.   A great guest was in attendance.  Mr. Ben Franklin (obviously an impersonator) was walking around taking some pictures and greeting visitors.  Such a nice guy.  Different Beers were being paired with some of the areas best restaurants, farmers, artisanal producers all independently owned and located within 150 miles of Philadelphia, PA.

I got to experience the VIP area which started 30 minutes earlier.  There was also some Spirits there and it was really interesting to see a Sage, Root, Ginger Snap and Rhubarb spirit, which to my surprise were very delicious.  If you have never attended something like this I suggest you give it a try.  It’s an experience to try so many amazing tastes and to test your palete out with what it can handle. 

Another fun thing that they had was a Beer tasting with different cheeses and toppings. This event was packed with lots to try and enjoy.  They even had a live band and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


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  1. Dear Benjamin Franklin seems to have gotten younger since I was a regular in Philly!

  2. the Dogfish Head gelato sounds really good 😉

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