Starchef’s Gala Coverage


On Thursday I had the privilege of attending gala.  What an amazing event it was.  This event was held at the beautiful Kimmel Center of Art in Philadelphia, Pa on the roof top.  So much talent was under this one roof.  From Chefs to Mixologists, these people have a passion in what they do, and I couldn’t have more respect for that.  The event was a walk around tasting including venison, eggplant, seafood to amazing desserts and more. 

I thought everyone did spectacular.  Every chef had a uniqueness about their presentation.  A couple that stood out to me was Alma de Cuba.  Chef Will Zuchman, his dish was Scallop, King Crab-Corn Quinoa and Merken Vinaigrette (seriously my mouth is still watering think about this dish), actually won that night.   Ballots were cast on everyone’s favorite but I think it came pretty close with a couple of others. 

The dessert that really got my taste buds wanting more was from Shane Confectionery.  Their Whirly Berley Bar was a Bittersweet dark Chocolate salted Caramel dress with Wilbur’s finest.  This chocolate was amazing and it was paired with a Chocolate Bacon Stout, which we were told to dip the chocolate into the stout.  Talk about a dream in your mouth.  All the dishes were paired with either beer or wine, so you had the option of choosing.  

I applaud all that were a part of this event.  This is definitely an event I will attend again and if you love food like me, it’s a must.  These chefs are true rock stars. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kevin Sbraga again and meeting for the first time Mr. Jose Garces.  What nice guys.   I also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Antoinette, Editor in Chief of Congrats to all the winners.  I applaud them.  I hope you enjoy some of the pics I took.


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