Since today is National Nutella Day, Ill share 2 of my recipes.

Homemade Delish

This is such an easy dessert that’s bursting with chocolate/hazelnut flavor.  If you love Chocolate or a creamy hazelnut spread you gotta try it.  Buy some wonton wrappers (These little wraps are even great to use to make ravioli, if you want something more of a homemade style or want to come up with your own stuffing).  First you take some oil and brush on the outer edges of the wraps leaving a little space for some yummy nutella (you can even use peanut butter or bananas or both).  Fold over, so now you have a triangle.  Make sure all sides are glued down.  You don’t want them opening up and all that chocolate goodness to come out.   Heat up about  5 cups of oil in a pot (Tip:  in order for you to check if your oil is hot take the top of a wooden spoon and flip it over and dip it…

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