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Homemade Delish

What can I say?  I love reviewing amazing kitchen products; especially ones that make your life easier in the kitchen.  I have always had a zester, but after having the chance to try this little gadget from KitchenIQ I can see why people have liked it so much.  It has a great measuring compartment on the back and the rubber that is attached helps scrape off all that excess that a zester may leave behind.  I think this is genius; especially when baking, and you want an exact amount. 

It comes with a safety cover on the blades for storing. I also really enjoy that it has a rubber grip handle, that is nice and comfortable to hold.  While zesting I noticed how smooth it feels when you glade.  It actually makes you turn the KitchenIQ Better Zester around to make sure something is actually coming out.  The zest that comes out is very fine and…

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