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Thanksgiving Shopping List

Well I hope everyone has picked up all their essential things for Thanksgiving.  If you’re hosting lets hope you already started thawing your turkey in the refrigerator, and if you’re preparing a side or dessert to take to a family or friends house hopefully you know what you’re making.  Well on thursday I will be posting up some pictures of some starters, sides, turkey and dessert.  If you need any ideas or help with something feel free to ask maybe I can help you out.  Just remember this day is about beingThankful for all that you have and family and friends are important to embrace; because you never know what tomorrow brings.

My shopping list:
20 lb Turkey
Green beans
Brussel sprouts
Baby carrots
 And of course all the seasoning essentials, desserts etc.  I can keep going but i’ll leave the rest for the imagination on what Homemade delish can prepare.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Shopping List

  1. If I was cooking this year, this would definitely be a good reminder for me. I can not tell you how many times I purchased my turkey at the last minute, forgetting that it needed to be thawed. 🙂

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