Yards Brewery Smoke Em Event 2012

Like I promised here is my review on the Yards Brewery event that took place on the 23rd of September.  This outside Smokin BBQ event had a good deal of food and beer to go around.  There were so many smoked beers to try and to go along with all that there was pulled pork, special cole slaw, BBQ smoked chicken , Jalapeno poppers, Brisket and Burgers.   I tried a lot of the brews that were offered there.  I think Yards Octoberfest, Stone Brewery Smoked Porter and Flying Fish Exit 4 were my favorites. 

One of the food stands that stood out to me that made me want more, had a Burger stuffed with blue cheese.  It was out of this world delish. I got to speak to the guy that created this little mouth watering burger and he told me that he tried different kinds of cheeses, but the blue cheese is what stood out and what people loved.  I went back to get seconds and they were completely done with it in the hour and half of being there. 

The other food stand that really drew me in was a pulled pork with a jalapeno and citrus slaw from Nice Racks BBQ.  They are located in Philadelphia, PA, super friendly and the flavor of their platter was outstanding.  I guess that’s why they won the trophy.  The event was an awesome time with great people and the day was just gorgeous.  If you’re ever in Philadelphia and you love beer, make sure to stop in Yards and tour their facility, check out their great beer.  They even offer some yummy food. 


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  1. LizForADay says:

    That looks like the ultimate BBQ. I love the smell of the grill. I promised myself not to say anything about the beer. 🙂

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