Wontons with Nutella

This is such an easy dessert that’s bursting with chocolate/hazelnut flavor.  If you love Chocolate or a creamy hazelnut spread you gotta try it.  Buy some wonton wrappers (These little wraps are even great to use to make ravioli, if you want something more of a homemade style or want to come up with your own stuffing).  First you take some oil and brush on the outer edges of the wraps leaving a little space for some yummy nutella (you can even use peanut butter or bananas or both).  Fold over, so now you have a triangle.  Make sure all sides are glued down.  You don’t want them opening up and all that chocolate goodness to come out.   Heat up about  5 cups of oil in a pot (Tip:  in order for you to check if your oil is hot take the top of a wooden spoon and flip it over and dip it in the oil.  If you see tiny bubbles you know the oil is ready).  After placing the wontons in the pot it should be about 40 seconds to a min before you flip them over.   They will brown really fast.  So keep an eye out.  After that, place them on a wire rack or paper towels to drain oil.  Then place them on a nice dish, sprinkle some powdered sugar and add some fruit.  All I can say is DELISH!!


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