Roland Cornichons Gherkins

One of the products that I got to sample was Cornichons Gherkins.  These little guys are full of flavor and my kids were all over them.  Most of you may not know, but Cornichons are a French style gherkin or pickle.  Roland Cornichons are picked before they are fully grown and immersed in a light brine for 1 or 2 days; they are then packed in aged white wine vinegar.  This process gives the cornichons true European taste.  The Ingredients/Contents are: Gherkins (small cucumbers),Water, Vinegar, Salt, White Onions,Mustard Seeds, Tarragon, Calcium Chloride, Natural Flavorin. 

I decided to make a quick lunch out of these yummy guys, and made a tuna melt.  I added them into the mix with tuna and mayo and placed it on to some rye bread with a slice of swiss cheese.  What a great little thing to add to a simple dish to turn the flavor up.  Also Cornichons are great as little hors devours or on a cheese platter.  Try them out and im sure you will enjoy.


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