Freeky Mozzarella Appetizer

One of the things that I got to try last month in Atlantic City was this grain called Greenwheat Freekeh.   The ladies that were working the booth were super friendly on informing people about this great product.  I got to take home a sample that night.  Well I finally got around to trying it in my cooking.  I decided tonight to start out with an appetizer. The freekeh is super easy to make, and takes about 30 mins or so.  I figured on making this a figure friendly appetizer. 

So I took some fresh mozzarella sliced, pieces of prosciutto, a balsamic glaze, freekeh and fresh basil.  I placed everything on a dish.  Freekeh has a little crunchy pop to it (think rice, but with a bit of bursting texture).  The grain has so much benefit to it that by adding it to any dish, you’re placing more nutrition value to your meal.  This went great with the soft mozzarella and smooth prosciutto texture. 

If you would like to find out more information on this product visit them at  Hope you enjoy this product and my little appetizer. 

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